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Commissioner’s Corner

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Welcome to my little corner of the website! I plan on using this column to share my knowledge with you in an effort to enrich your experience here at Ferris. I want everyone to be able to go on to successful careers in printing, and my goal here is to expand your abilities to make you a more desirable person when you enter the job market.

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Recap Category

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At the request of our President I have created a new category for the explicit purpose of reviewing/recapping events. While only the latest post will be displayed I encourage you to check out the category page every week or so to see what’s been going on at our events. Continue reading…


Contacts Made Easy

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I know that many GAA members opt to use e-mail applications rather than accessing the Gmail interface through the web browser. The major downside to using an application is the lack of auto-fill for addresses within the GAA’s domain. To help alleviate this irritation I have compiled a list of all the e-mails in our domain that can be easily loaded onto your computer. Continue reading…


One Last Hurrah

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As the year comes to a close you’re probably busy studying. While the GAA is not necessarily advocating neglecting your studies we are going to host one final LAN party. We’re going to be playing some CoD4 to help unwind in this last week before exams. Come join us in SWAN 220 on Wed. the 28th at 7:00 pm


GAA Party!

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The noids are coming Tuesday, April 27th at 11 AM.  Please be there, as we will be talking about the semester and recognizing members of the GAA.  There will be FREE PIZZA AND POP!


Ideas and Survey

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We have only received four responses to the fundraising survey that was sent out on thursday. If you want to take it right now you can do so right here. Just take a few seconds to fill it out, we really want to be proactive in fundraising next semester.


Bon Fire Driver Form

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For those who have not heard Matt Snavley is having a Bon Fire at his place at April 22 @ 8 If you need ride or can drive please take a minute to fill out this form, we well be meeting in swan parking lot at 7:30. Address is 8323 old state rd., stanwood,mi, 49346…



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SkillsUSA was a success!  The competition was held on Friday and Saturday, April 15-16.  17 contestants competed in the secondary level, as well as 4 students in the post-secondary level.  Students were tested on their knowledge in prepress, workflow, press, bindery, production planning, and their overall knowledge of printing.

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Movie Night-Hot Fuzz

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GAA is having a movie night, Tuesday April 20 at Brandon’s house @ 7:30. The Movie we have decided to watch is Hot Fuzz.

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