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Website Seminar

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Logan Cashin will be hosting a Website seminar next week. It will take place in SWAN 218/220 on Tuesday the 7th at 6:00pm, with a repeat on Wednesday the 8th at the same time and place. It’s recommended that all GAA members attend in order to learn about how to stay connected with the organization and each other using the site and services provided. Bring your laptop/tablet/smartphone if you’ve got one to get your GAA email added to it.

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Big Event Signup!

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The Graphic Arts Association needs to be more involved on campus and The Big Event is a prefect way. This would also be a fun way to get to know each other by working other. Getting involved with the community is another way to get the GAA out there. The link is what you need to fill out so please have the form filled out by March 30, 2012. THE BIG EVENT KICKOFF will begin at 9:00am the morning of April 14th.

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