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Raffle Licence

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We are currently working on getting  a Raffle License for the GAA but to do this we need to add a provision in the constitution describing where all our assets will go if the organization should disband. This will need to be voted on by the general assembly so please attend the next meeting and have your voice heard. As soon as we get this passed we can continue our efforts to raise funds for the organization.


Savory Sweets Fundraising

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The Graphic Arts Association is currently selling Savory Foods Fresh Homestyle Ready to Bake Cookie Dough, Gourmet Popcorn & Fudge Cake. Order forms and more information is available on the table in the GAA office.

Sales order forms and money are due at the Tuesday Meeting after Thanksgiving Break.

If you need more information contact Ariel Star at


Scentsy Fundraiser

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The Scentsy catalogs are in for everyone to pick up in room 220 on the light table. For more information or if you have any question just ask Ariel Star.


Cut the President’s and Advisor’s Hair Fundraiser

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From now until Tuesday, December 6 at 11AM, the Graphic Arts Association is holding a fundraiser where YOU have the ability to cut and shape the President’s (Kyle Busse) and Advisor’s (John Conati) hair any way you want.

It will cost $1 for a raffle ticket for the President and $5 for a raffle ticket for the Advisor. If you want a ticket, please see anyone currently on the E-Board to purchase one. On Tuesday, December 6 at 11AM during the last general meeting of the semester, we will be picking the winner of the raffle.

Any questions? Email me.


Bottle Drive

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There will be a bottle drive on Saturday February 12th from 10am to 3pm. We will be meeting in the SWAN parking lot at 9:30am.

If you want to hand out flyers, we will be meeting behind the SWAN building at 4pm on Wednesday February 2nd to drive around and put flyers people’s doors.

A sign-up sheet will be passed around during the meeting, and will also be on the GAA door until Wednesday February 9th. If you want to help pick up bottles or hand out flyers please sign up.


If you have any questions, please email


Final Cookie Dough Count

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If you have sold popcorn, cookie dough, or cakes please fill out this form. Each field should be the number of items sold. This is a FINAL COUNT be sure to enter only NUMERICAL VALUES. Questions? Email Nanette

UPDATE: Not all fields are available, email the numbers that you have for those missing fields to Tom

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Maze Cutout

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As of right now we are planning on working on the cutout tomorrow, the 23rd, instead of Monday. We will be meeting in the light table room at 6:30PM. We will have the image printed off on the Vutek so all we need to do is cut the holes for the faces and paint. All the supplies will be provided, but be sure to dress accordingly because we are painting.

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