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PGSF Poster Competition

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This is a call for entries for the second Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation (PGSF) Promotional Poster Design Competition. The poster will be used in colleges, high schools and technical schools to promote the availability of scholarships available through PGSF. Continue reading…


Last Week

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Last week we:


-Attended Presidents meeting

-Attended Treasurers meeting

-Travel is working on French Paper Tour

-Fundraising is applying for Raffle License

-Activities is planning events

-Action is working on shirts


Survey for Events

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Please take a minute to fill out the survey, so we can get your opinion about the Rock Climbing, Game Night and The GAA Dinner.

Rock Climbing: Survey

Game Night: Survey

GAA Dinner: Survey


Web Site Seminar ReCap

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I would like to thank Logan for taking time out to host the “How To” operate the website and take full advantage of all the features it has to offer.

As a reminder, He will be hosting another seminar tomorrow, Wednesday February 8th. In Swan 218 or 220 depending upon availability.


Fall Kick Off Picnic

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The annual kick off picnic, hosted by Professor Smith at his house, was attended by students, professors, friends, and family. Students and professors were catching up with each other by telling stories of their summer. The freshmen and transfer students were getting acquainted with the other students in the GAA.

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Recap Category

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At the request of our President I have created a new category for the explicit purpose of reviewing/recapping events. While only the latest post will be displayed I encourage you to check out the category page every week or so to see what’s been going on at our events. Continue reading…